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I. : '■ " .••*■;'. "••.•■'' 

: - ^ fj m \V . : 

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vol i:\n 

<*• .-. 

Bay Path College 

l 8 9 7 - 1 9 7 

A Legacy of Leadership 

As students at Bay Path College in this era of the College's history, you will become the 
first generation of new leaders in the Third Millennium. Here we have emphasized the 
importance of skills in leadership, communication, and technology. Use wisely your skills 
of leadership. Our interdependent, new global village will be tested in its capacity to 
celebrate not only the differences of humanity, but also its bonds. Each of you will have 
unveiled your own special brand of leadership within the structure of our special learning 
environment. For some, that leadership will take a "front and center" role working with 
people. For others, the form of leadership will be of a quieter, "behind the scenes" sort. 
Each one, however, will be valuable in the world of tomorrow. 

Above all, exercise the power of your communication skills. Success will be greatest to 
those who possess the knowledge of their fields and the ability to share that knowledge 
with others. 

Like the daring explorers who discovered the new world, your bold discoveries will be 
those as yet uncharted in cyberspace. Your minds will earn you the right to enjoy the 
benefits of a high-tech society, while your hearts will earn you the responsibility to 
preserve the benefits of a high-touch society. 

For members of the Class of 1999, you will forever be remembered for much more than 
your individual and collective contributions made during your years at Bay Path Of equal 
significance is your timing. As the final Class of the 20* century, you represent the 
culmination of an important era in the history of the world and of Bay Path. 

As graduates, we hope you will return many times in the years to come for homecomings 
and other special events. The faculty and staff are rewarded every time they learn of your 
achievements and how the education they provided you has improved the quality of your 
life and the lives of those you help. We thank you for enriching our days and wish you 
prosperity always. 

Carol A Leary 


Bay Path College 

18 9 7 19 9 7 

A Legacy of Leadership 


"I've made it a practice to put all 

my worries down in the bottom 

of my heart, then set the lid and smile. 

Mrs. Wiggs. 
From Catch Words of Cheer 

In this fast-paced world of academia, it is unusual to meet a person who has served Bay Path College for 
29 years and enjoyed tremendous career success, happiness and universal respect from colleagues, students 
and alumnae. Such is the case with the woman to whom the 1999 edition of the Portico is dedicated. This 
person is highly respected by all who know her for her intelligence, helpfulness, loyalty, willingness to take 
on any challenge, pleasant personality, quick smile, dependability, outstanding planning skills, and 

She joined the Bay Path family in September 1969 as director of student activities. For several years, she 
was the assistant dean of students. In this capacity, in addition to student activities, she assisted the dean 
with counseling services, was responsible for interviewing off-campus families and placing and supervising 
over eighty students who resided in off-campus homes. For several years she assisted with planning 
alumnae homecoming events and running the college's annual phonothon. 

Since 1987, she has served with distinction as director of career development. She has assisted hundreds of 
students with resumes and job searches and has taught many sections of the course Career Pathways. She 
has also helped Bay Path alumnae update resumes and connect with perspective employers. 

During her years at Bay Path, she is noted for helping decorate the most Christmas trees and plan the most 
Service of Lights programs. She has attended the most student activities and formal dances. She has 
attended the most student and alumnae weddings and participated in the most student-faculty tennis 
tournaments. She has survived over 25 years of planning and chaperoning New York City overnight trips 
and day trips and has chaperoned the most college sponsored weekend ski trips to Vermont. She is 
responsible for organizing the "Golden Z" Service Club and serving as the advisor for 24 years She has 
received over 15 outstanding service awards on behalf of the college for the "Golden Z" Club from Zonta 
International and attended Zonta International conventions in Hong Kong, Sweden, Finland, France, and 
Canada. She became one of the first administrative staff members to acquire computer literacy and has 
attended the most Chamber of Commerce breakfast meetings 

In recognition of all of your successful accomplishments as an educator for over 29 years, and on behalf of 
the thousands of Bay Path students and alumnae whose lives you have touched, we lovingly dedicate this 
Portico to you, Judith Cohen. 

Thank you for being there for us. May your future be sweet with new adventures and new challenges as 
you enter another phase of your career path Godspeed, Mrs Cohen 

588 Longmuadow Street • Lonomeadow, Massachusetts oi 106 ■ 




v s 

C N F " E N C 

Portico Editors -in- Chief 

Katherine A. Hoskins and Arin L. Langan. 

Portico Staff Members 

Sabrina Metivier, Deborah Wallace, Casey Breen. 
In absentia- Nicole Fowler. 

Bay Path College 

18 9 7-199? 

A Legacy or Leadership 


The completion of this 1999 edition of the Portico would not have been possible without 
the help of several people whom we would like to thank. Special thanks is given to Dean Marcia 
Conrad for her guidance and trust. She allowed us to make many of the major decisions and be 
creative with new ideas. We would also like to especially thank Mrs. Nancy Murphy for her 
patience and understanding. We would like to give our gratitude and appreciation to Mr. 
Matthew Fenn, our Josten's representative for all of his time, and help. This yearbook would not 
have been possible without our staff, we greatly appreciate all of their hard work, patience and 

We are especially proud of this book, not only because it is a product of our hard work 
and that of our staff, but because this book belongs to the entire Bay Path Community. We have 
tried endlessly to ensure that every member of the community has been included in the book, but 
more than that every student, faculty and staff member is a part of this book in one way or 
another, by helping in its production. 

In conclusion as you look through the pages of this edition of the Portico, you will see 
your contributions and we hope you will cherish the memories as much as we do 



Katherine A. Hoskins & Arin L. Langan 
Portico Editors-in-Chief 


<v *„.«* "*- 


•' y> :-' 


. » > < 

As senior year comes to an end I am reminded ol the e\ nits that the 
class has gone through. Arriving the first day riot knowing you 

were supposed to be doing. Then the first day oi < lasses. I'm sup 

I posed to go where? Signing up to p.irlk ipate in organizations and 

clubs was next. The grasps were such things as Student ( lovernmenl 

Golden Z and the sports teams. Main ol US not knowing what these 

) groups were for or wlw they >'\ en existed. Nov\ looking back I am 

reminded that it was these groups and organizations that helped us 

all make it through these tour years at Bav Path ( ollege. Without 
these groups and organizations main of US would not have gotten to 
know each other. I am thankful that I got to know man- 
mates early on and carry thesi friendships through all foi 

the rest of OUT li\ 

9 Erika 1 . Monri n 


CAN'T DEAL! 4 short yrs, many long nights, 2 all 
my B's 1 luv all of u, thanx 4 the best yrs so far, 
many more 2 come. 95, cabin fever, stakeout, 
cone, pal, pkvvy, h-way hotties, road trip? How 
come, why is it? U give me fever, issues, tears, 
screams & the laughs boy were there laughs. Late 
nights w/ pizza, early mornings w/ foghorns. 
Thanx mom, dad, & family. I love you all. We did 
it, girls face it we're the bomb! 

Wendy Allen 

Newington, CT 
Early Childhood Education 

Aimee Bissonnette 

Moosup, CT 

/ ine & Performing Arts 


To my family: without u I wouldn't be the 
person I am today-thanx 4 everything! To my 
friends: the moment is only temporary, but 
the memories last 4ever!- storytime-the girls- 
"ya hi"- cops, bars, theatre-dance-chorale- 
keynotes. Theinert girls: thanx 4 all the wild 
& crazy times. Blondie: what were we think- 
ing?-keep that list going! Ruby & Mita: h*M* 
4ever! I love you! keep in touch everyone, 
hold on to your dreams and keep smiling:) 

-.' . V if 

B '<r<wi 

H£ ' 



L*» <*** 




\. * 





m I 


' I 

( 1 

L iL 

Kristin E. Castner 

Penn Yan, NY 
Legfl/ Studies 

To my family- thanks for your faith and en- 
couragement I love you. Dan I love you , the 
future is ours. To my Tgals what a great two 
years it has been- thanks for the laughs, tears, 
and memories. My Bs- Bollum 3 will always 
rule! never forget 309 circle and laughs. AM, 
KE, JD- stay comf num. Jess- sister- Steuben 
Cty rox, mkup, tix, Greece, Cabin, VW, buds, 
gravy train! JB, KE- tiki, Wlm Buros, ru kynd? 
KE-bud you are awesome- remember Lon- 
don Love ya! Fare thee well, I'll miss you 
more than words can tell- J Garcia. Peace 

I luv ii Mommy, w/o u none of this would be 
possible. ih.m\s KiuH.ishtlow!] ettheghettoness 
begin: 143 Yasrnine/MariU/Makebahj&Rebecca. 
MK-Can I get a what what 1 .ill ya people who 
ain't got doe, so u take m\ radio. 1< S * an I gel a 
woo woo 4 all ya people who ain't got doe so u 
brush w/ pepso. YA-no ghettoness required, I luv 
u.TQM, Mariu. Pipi, Snaggy luvs u 4ever.l43 
Gabby, Yari&CaillinAll my peoples in the "Path" 
who kept it real: DF, J], "I" fG NT. 

fesenia ( ollado 

-ton. MA 
Criminal Justice 

Mom & Dad- Thanks for all the support you've 
given me. I love you both! Hey Dennis, I did 
it- It's finally over! KG- watch out for flying 
balls!!, Also our DD & McD's night run! MT- 
Don't forget the Barq's!! Chris, I love you so 
much, Thanks for believing in me. Nana, I'll 
love you always. To all my friends at BPC- I'll 
miss you and good luck with your future! 

Sharon C. DeCesare 

Bristol, CT 

Daniela DeFilippis 
Newington, CT 
Criminal Justice 

Maureen DeLutrie 

West Hartford, CT 
larly Childhood Education/Psychology 

Mom, thanx 4 always being my BF! You are 
the best there is! ! But. . . were you every pretty? 
J&K I love you guys. Julia, my sweet, you've 
brightened my life in so many ways, I love 
you! Ben I'll always love you! LB & KK UFB's 
forever, K we finally made it! Thanks in part 
to the SANKA! Now its off to the real world 
B's I love you all, Sept. 24th BNL's Titanic-so 
I'm a bit obsessed- Leomania, D'sC, Walmart 
I'll miss you all SO much! Time flies when 
you are having fun and it sure has been. Just 
remember to Live beyond what is to what 
could be. 

^B. ** 

as? ^ 


I would like to thank my mom and dad foi .ill 
of their support during my colli years. It 
means the world to me to ha\ esu< h greal and 
understanding parents. I would also like to 
thank my Uncle 1 onj for all oi the kindness 
and support. I'm so lucky to have such a 
wonderful family. 

Thanks again!! 
I love j mi 

I V.m.i 

Deana DiRico 

I asl i idow, '. 

1 ! xpitality 

Jelena Djordjevic 

East Granby, CT 

Kelly Emerson 

Cumberland, RI 

Interior Design/ Business 

SHELL! 2 my Fam-Thanku 4 ur Faith, Luv&Support. W/o u I couldn't 
be who I am 2day. I Luv U! 2 my Bs-thru Good&Bad U've been My 
Best Buds-I Luv Ya! 2 my Roomie-What can I say? We get Crazy 
2gether Much More 2 come-Luv Ya Man! 2 my Frenz-I could write a 
book, a long book! U've made my BPC yrs so special-ThankU! Jason- 
I luv u, baby! Ru proud of me? 



Bonnie Melissa Enright 
Naples, ME 
Liberal Arts 

Dubba,Sou,Sarah,Bea,NW,HA,AW jj a \\ no wno 
u r! Thanx 4 gr8 times. 21st, bar hopping, long 
nights, early mornings&man stories. I always had 
at least 1 . 1st floor u r gr8. Ofcourse WP moments. 
'97 best yr of my life: Scotland&Disney. Heres 2 
many more gr8 yrs of frndship-make it last. Thanx 
Mom,Dad,Gram&Tricia. "I always knew I'd look 
back on the times I cried & laugh. ..But I never 
knew I'd look back on the times I laughed & cry." 

Tracv, Mita, Carolvn, Rub. Melis Bea, Bon, Irk 
Beck, Jet- I'm going 2 miss u -ill so much! ["hanks 
4 being my gems in this world. I couldn't have 
made it thru .ill the stress \v/oeai h ofu I ra< J u 
were the best roomie a girl could have! Thanks I 
putting up w me. Never 4get thai daj on the 
step. Halloween 97. SB98, TJs WD1 XP98 [he 
Shaft, Mv 21st- I'll never drink again 1 Burnsie, 
Russo, Norton, ,\n^ Sempe- thanks \ everything 
over the yrs. 2 my family- I'm finally moving on. 
I love u & thanks 4 ur love *<; understanding. 

Sarah Mice ( ■ooii 

Manchester \l I 
/ iberal Studies 

Pad just think NO MORE COLLEGE BILL! (That 
should make u happy!) Thanx 2 all my parents 4 
their support. Amy u r the best, thanx 4 every- 
thing. What am I going 2 do now w/o u & who am 
I going 2 tell my soap operas 2?? Fab5 Forever 
Never Fear Change. Kelly kiss kiss wink. 2 all my 
friends I hope we can all stay in contact thruout 
the yrs & if I don't hear from u I will hopefully see 
u @ a homecoming weekend. I'll miss u all. 

Rene Virginia Grega 

Poughkeepsie, NY 
Legal Studies 


l 1 


J \ 

T i mum—— 

■ tk'^— ^[^l* 


Noriko Hashimoto 

Fjuisuwa Kanagawa, JAPAN 







Tricia Huston 

Hanson, MA 


Shawn thanx 4 ur luv&support I couldn't have 
done it w/o u;2 my girls I luv u&will nvr 
4getu,thanx 4 being there, we finally made it!2 the 
Andersons thanx 4 putting up w/me! 2 the x- 
cntry girls, u've been a huge motiva- 
tion&inspiration, have funlBon ur the best friend 
I've ever had:So many good times 2 remember&so 
many more ahead of us (its not a pig!);Last but not 
leasr,Bill u really r the luv of my life;Thank u 4 
being u;I'll luv u no matter what-I promise. 

I — 

™~" D ™"™""" — — ~- 

I CAN'T DEAL with college coming to an 
end... but it was the best tour \ earsoi m\ life. 
Mom and Dad- you have gh en me the gift oi 
a lifetime. I love you so much. ( ol my one 
and only sister- I love you. fa my B's- you 
know who \ on are- von ha\ e made m\ j ears 
crazier than ever and I owe it all to the laugh- 
ter and the tears- the memories that will 
forever remain in mv heart. I love you. 

Kerr) Keenan 

\h ihuen, \1 A 
Early Childhood Education 


"Celebrate we will, because life is short but 
sweet for certain, we're climbing two by two, 
to be sure these days continue..." And cel- 
ebrate we did! Thanks to all my B's, because 
vou guvs taught me to live! 

Aimee Joy Martin 

Manchester, NH 

Amy Mathieu 

Ashby, MA 




• * 

-&X * 



if, ^••l 


gf. 1 3 *";S^ 


Jessica Melendez 

Springfield, MA 
Travel Tourism & Hospitality 

J- is for Jewe, Heart of Pure Gold. E- is for 
Expressive, a Happy Soul. S-is for Special, 
Beauty that's Rare. S-is for Sweet, Loving and 
Fair. I-is for Intelligent, Bright as the Sea. C-is 
for caring, Thoughtful One. A-is for Angel, a 
Joy from Above. Jessica, so Precious, and so 
Loved. Love: Mom, Dad, Melissa, Cynthia, 
and everyone who has been blessed by your 

Mom and Dad thank you for your love and 
support. I'm finally done! Tracy, my best 
friend, no matter where we may end up I 
couldn't have asked for a better friend. Nikki 
you are my sanity. Ruby don't ever loose site 
of your dreams. Sarah conquer the world. TK 
always stay happy. Melissa angels really do 
exist. 1 love you guys. Da girls keep on 
having fun. May von all prosper in lite. 
Thanks BPC!!! 

Rebei ca Mita 

Hollis, Ml 

Busin [ministration 

Thanks for everything Mom. I couldn't have 
made it without your love and support. Becky 
you will always be my best buddy! Zinger I 
wouldn't have made it through the last two 
years without you. Amy N. don't forget our 
late nights watching trash. Chris I am grateful 
for your love and understanding. I will al- 
ways love you. Good luck to all my Bay Path 
Friends. Don't forget to keep in touch. 

Erika L. Monroe 

Stamford, VT 


Melanie Jane Morrison 

Ellington/ CT 



I would like to thank my whole family for the 
perseverance, love,& understanding that they 
have given me thruout my 4 years @ BPC. I 
also want to thank Damon for letting me vent, 
giving me someone to lean on,& guiding me 
in the right direction thruout these 4 years & 
hopefully he'll be there to lean on for the next 
3 to 4! I Love You! 1 want to thank all my 
teachers who have been amazing & taught 
me a lot, especially Macanka, Lambdin, & 
Leary. Macanka really helped me decide that 
I wanted to go into the Science Field, I couldn't 
thank you enough! Lastly, Good Luck Mel- 
issa, I know you'll do the right thing! I love 
you mom, dad & Melissa. Thank You! 

Mie Ogawa 

Fukuoka, JAPAN 
Business/Travel & Hospitality 

Vnne I 

1 )ear Papa, Mama, Kiki, Ira, Octo, & Wendy Thank 
u 4 ur love, patience & support, w/o u I won't 
have 2day. 4 yrs finally done; AS & BS, 2 yrs in the 
row! BPC u're #1. President Leary, Deans, Fac- 
ulty, & Staff all of u will always be in my 
mind&heart. All the 1998-1999 RA's thanx 4 the 
support & teamwork. All of my frnds, Forever 
Friends!!! 2nd West, Wright Hall, u're the best! 
Remember, don't get into trouble next yr :) 


Sri Pangestuti 



Beatrice J. Piccolo 

Twin Mountain, NH 

/ egal Studies 

Four long years. what? SG-NH & The 
Cloverleaf, Cosmo- Giddie UP, you've been a 
great friend. SZ- best roomies always. CD- 
Liz, Cops, oh yeah. Cath- love ya! KE, BE, TH, 
DS, MD, AM, AB, SS, JT, KB- Thanks for the 
great times- many more to come! 


Jennifer Plyler 

Agawam, MA 

I).iis\ Rivera 
Springfield, \1 \ 


I would like 2 thank my parents 4 the support. 
A&B -Sisters forever. Thanxs 4 being there. 
K&M- u r the best. I love you. E.W.- thanx 4 
being my friend. U r special 2 me. Sri- my 
neighbor & friend forever. I will miss u. Thanx 
4 all the memories. C.S.- thanx 4 understand- 
ing & putting up w/ me thru it all. I love you. 
I will miss every 1. Graduate School- Here I 

Kimberly Stanton 

Southwick, MA 


Rebecca Lee Stebbins 

Enfield, CT 
Business Administration 


"A picture is worth a 1000 words, but a 
memory last a lifetime. Although its the pic- 
ture that triggers the special memory. Al- 
ways cherish those memories." 2 my family 
& friends, thanx 4 always being there 4 me 
when I needed your help, support, encour- 
agement & confidence, I would not be the 
person that I am today w/o all of you. Mom 
& Dad, ur the wind beneath my wings. I love 
you all w/ all of my heart! 







ffp • 

Ll^HflK .*' 


U iil 

4 <&\ 











■# :: i 


Well guys I finally made it. Here's 2 new beginnings. I 
give thanx 2 God 4 standing by me all the way. 
2mom,dad,&mic who supported my dreams. I'll some- 
day b on the stage. Mom don't worry. Storms don't 
last. In a few yrs I will give u what u've always 
dreamed of. U deserve it. Thanx yas, jen, mak, miss, 
bre, 2 Steves, desha,&kris. Much luv&many late nights. 
2 py, aja, mister, camille, kissy, sheldon, ian, mike,&all 
the other children n the wrld, remember ur the future. 
Thanx 2 every 1 @ Bay Path. Luv, peace,&hair grease! 

Rebecca J. Stewart 

Springfield, MA 
liberal Studies/Fine & Performing Arts 

Mom, Dad, th\ 4 ur tremendous support & 
luv. I can't thank u emit. I lelen, th\ t being 
there 4 me. [odi, hangin' there & dor I give 
up. Vu & Rit, kapar masak& nginep lagi ? \li. 
Joanne, San, gut Ink & be gut. hehe... loan & 
Mich, enjoy working w L 2. Mama Burns, 
I'll miss Ur cooking & conversations. M( VYT. 
NH, we've finally made it' TOn, masih chat? 
*tuk* Pao, fotonya mana? C&C Learv, thx 4 
everything. =) 

Risdeu i Sutrisno 

Medan, [NDON1 SI 
Bush Iministrath 

To my family, thanks for your love and sup- 
port. Mom and Dad, also thank you for giv- 
ing me this opportunity, I could not have 
done it without you. I love you. Tito thanks 
for your love and for being there for me. Luv 
u bab. To my friends for all the great times 
and memories. 

Teresa M. Verdile 

East Longmeadow, MA 
Legal Studies 

Erica Lauren Wall 
Shelburne Falls, MA 
P \/cholo%y/Educatiou 


I love you Mom, Dad, Birdie, Merble, and 
Barney. My best buddy Kim- thanks. Tennis, 
piano, writing, love, life, memories, and the 
future. SPl/28/97*EV and PJ 9/13/98* "The 
pressure's building/All the memories go 
round. /I have walked for so long;/the wind 
keeps blowing/the sky keeps turning grey/ 
and thesunissct./Will I walk thelong road?/ 
I cannot say. /There's no need to say 

Melissa White 

Franklin, MA 


Well, finally time 2 say goodbye 2 Bay Path! Mom 
& Dad, I will never be able 2 thank u enough 4 ur 
luv & support. & 2 the Slitzkey's (my 2nd family), 
I'm so grateful 4 ur caring & support just no more 
house calls please! 2 Brenna, Becca, Nicole, & even 
Ron, I luv u guys, thanku 4 being there. Brenna 
let's go shopping, Nicole let's go dancing, & Becca, 
there's always Denny's. Bye bye Bay Path. Don't 
worry mom, I'll come visit. 

^^r ^H 








Heather Akerman 
Springfield, MA 

Criminal Justice 

( arrie Brenei man 
I ongmeadov 

/ iberal Shi 

Evelyn Carbone 

Springfield, MA 

Mary Ciejek 

Longmeadow, MA 
Liberal Studies 

Jetaun Dewey 

Holyoke, MA 
Liberal Studies 



i^^^^B ■'.•'!■ 


>*•"■• \ ] j^b 


Kristy LaClair 


Business K : 

Laura Mead 

Enfield, CT 


Angelique Ouellett 

Minot, ME 
/'si/ ( hology 

Karen Owens 

Enfield, CT 

I aura Ronghi 
Springfield, '■ 

Yuri Tanaka 

Agawam, MA 

Jeannemarie Tobin 

Easthampton, MA 


Tracy Blauvert 

Enfield, CT 


Maria Burnell-Obregon 

Springfield, MA 

Kouren Delgado 

Springfield, MA 

Jennifer Duncan 

Windsor Locks, CT 

Legal Studies 

Terri Mather 

Hampden, MA 


Naomi Mills 

Easthampton, MA 

Maureen Ranger 

Bridgeport, CT 


Melissa Regini 

Enfield, CT 

Liberal Studies 

Amy Smith 

Somers, CT 


Soumaly Thammavong 

Manchester, CT 


Jennifer Tyson 

East Haddam, CT 


Natalie Widener 

Greenfield, MA 


Sarah Grabiec 

West Springfield, MA 
Legal Studies 

Mary Hanson 

Amherst, MA 
Legal Studies 

Cheryl Rodzen 

Suffield, CT 

Laurie Rosner 

Enfield, CT 



r • ~t . ^ 

,/w ' r ^ 

'- *& 

i M 

[ ; 




k Mk ^^^^^| 



T Sophomores 

Where has it gone the time has flown. We were 

green when we started and now have grown. 

We accomplished so much from carnation 

.sales to movies nights, then the banquets held 

for moms and dads. Wow what a sight. Some 

may leave us to begin their dreams c\nd some 

I may stay, but with confidence; and respect, 

and knowledge we are assure to make 1 our 

own way! 
Kate Waseleski 


Jennifer Ackley 

Springfield, MA 
Occupational Therapy Asst. 

Michelle Beucler 
Woburn, MA 
Liberal Studies 

The moon the stars the sky-all above telling me 
why. They read my emotions they no my 
devotions. They healed my heart they no my 
part. They share my sorrow they help me thru 
tomorrow. They ask me 2 pay;4 there's no 
way. When feelings fall due they feel them 2. Mom, 
u've helped me thru hard times, thank-u.Dad 
thank-u 4 helping me these 4 yrs & making this 
possible I couldn't have done it w/ou. 2 my friends 
stay-n-touch, u've been great! 



Judith Chachoute 

Philadelphia, PA 
Early Childhood and Psychology 

Oh how the years go by. 97-99 Thank u God 
for giving me the strength to go through two 
more years. Thank you to my Family. You are 
the best supporters in the world. This year is 
dedicated to my family. Last but not least my 
friends in Philly, EE,BC ,NYC & Bay Path you 
will be in my heart, special thanks to WLC. 

Good Bye BPC, I lello SOU. Ms. I reed & !" 
your support was groat through the years. 
MB, JDgood friends forever I'll miss J OU lots. 
Mom and Dc\d I love \ ou so much thanks for 
always being there. Great inspiration. ( lood 
luck 2nd W you were the greatest. Miss va, 

Amanda ( . C owin 

N< in. (, I 

There's 1 thing that Ive learned from my family its 2 
stand up 4what u believe in & never give up. Mom & 
Dad thank u I coudn't have made it this far w/o ur 
support. Heather the best sister & friend anyl could 
have. Jackie no 1 can imagine 4 even 1 minute w/out u 
in this family. 2 my bestfriend Kate we've had bad 
times, what friendships haven't thanks 4 all ur help & 
friendship. 2 Mike, the 1, thank u 4 being w/ me on 
everything I can't wait 4 someday. Never give up 
that's why I'm staying w/it! 

Courtney Ann Greening 

North Branford, CT 

Travel and Hospitality 

Christine Foerster 

Longmeadow, MA 



Thank you mom and dad for all your support 
and confidence that you have given me, I 
could not have done it without you. You guys 
mean the world to me and I do not know if I 
could ever express how much 1 appreciate all 
the things you have done for me. I love you. 
I would also like to thank my family and 
friends for always being there for me. 


Brenna Leigh Hart 

Clinton, CT 

Thanx mom & dad 4 all of ur love support & 
confidence. Mallory the best only sister I hve. I luv 
u guys! Eric ur support & trust made a differnce, 
I luv u. Missy W u have been a great friend to me 
I know it will stay that way. Uare a great shopping 
buddy! Jesse I luv u girl things will go ur way just 
listen to me! MF to a great roomie freshmen yr we 
had lots of good times don't forget them! Good 

Shauna fackson 

Springfield, N 
Busin ition 

\ torn & Dad u truly r the best! You've alays given 
up so much to see that "you girls" never had 2 do 
\v/o. i appreciate all of the sacrifices you've made 
through the yrs. I know that Ive been blessed w/ 
2 parents 143! D. u r a terrific sis. B3 u have 
definitely been thebest thing that has ever happend 
2 me. JZ and MR I'm glad that we met. U com- 
muter gals r simply the greatest. Eap thank u 4 all 
of your luv & support. 

Danielle Nichole Karolczuk 

Windsor Locks, CT 
Early Childhood Education 

Leslie P. Juntunen 

Salisbury, MA 
Health Administration 

Thanks Mom&Dad 4 all ur help encourgement & 
Hi Mariel an Sus! Stinky & P u were the best 
neighbors last yr. Rinaldi's & pizza parties. Bridget 
I know u will miss those walks 2 CVS. Montreal, 
Greece w/ Kelly and Maria. Ouzo anyone? Look 
out France here I come! Spanish music, Selena. B, 
let's chat! Tori Amos rules & No Doubt 2! These 
past 2 yrs hve flown by but luv every minute of it! 
I wish everyone the best of luck. I will miss you all. 


Heidi Keith 

Avon, CT 

Early Childhood Education 

> uko Komi) ama 



A big thank you to my children Kim and Bill 
and to my family. Without your support and 
encouragement this would not have been 
possible. To my loved ones in heaven thank 
you for watching over me. I DID IT !!! 

Ronelle G. LaBelle 

South Hadley, MA 

Occupational Therapy Assistant 

Amy Nicole Mahan 

Beverly, MA 


Mom, Brian, Tim,Marc, I don't know what I'd do 
with out u. Iluv u. Dad I wish u were here 4 this I 
miss u. Rene how do I sum up 4 yrs? thanx 4 
always being there when I need u. Most of all 
thanx for being my bestfriend & sister I never had. 
Fab5 thanx 4 never leaving a dull moment never 
fear change greenish brown female sheep. Scott 
we made it it has been a long road but the future 
is right ahead. As long as we have each other 
anything is possible, I luv u with all my heart & 

Keisha Matieriene 

Enfield, CT 
Travel and Hospitality 

Thank you God 4 everything. Mom & Junior 
thanx 4 the support & 4 believing in me. Dad, u 
have always supported me in anything I did and 
Helped in any way u could. Kelley thanx 4 always 
being there listen, you're the best sister anyl 
could ask 4.Arita u I'm always ready to go when 
u are. 2 all my friends & Bay Path, I'll miss u all. & 
stay in touch. Jessica I remember the fun we had 
at club 737. 

Special thanks torn) famil) for making man) 

things possible Iluv U! Thanks to .ill ol m\ 
friends: MS, MC, YT, LJ, YM, RVV, MO JG 
RN, CG and the BPC community for all of 
your luv and support. JM Mil gracias por 
todo-teamo! Rinaldi's, CVS, Montreal, Ri< kv 
Martin. "I am a work in progress dress in the 
fabric of a world unfolding.." A.D. 

Bridget Mi M.ilimi 

Keene, \l I 
Travel and Hospitality 


Maria D. Medina 

Holyoke, MA 
Liberal Studies 

Alexandra Mora 

Springfield, MA 
Travel Tourism and Hospital 1 1 1/ 

Susandra Pasaribu 

Tembagapuraj, Indonesia 
International Business 

Praise the Lord! Thanks 2Mamie, Papie & all 
my big sisters & brothers 4 your support & 
prayers. I live on it. Thank u JM 4 2 years of F/ 
S thanks to DW, DS, NT, RN, EW, TH, CS & 
all 4 being my beautiful friends at BPC. 
Desiderata... With all it's sham drudgery & 
broken dreams. It is still a beautiful world. Be 
careful strife to be happy Luv u all. Success 

With the help of my daughter Brianne dreams 

do come true. 

Joanne Quinn 

Springfield, \1 \ 

Occupational Therapy Assistant 


HI af^rf 

w\ k~ „. , k 


■ v ^^^™3ffBlBI 

Hv ^ 

\ f '■ 

Mayumi Shibata 

Aichi, Japan 

Travel and Hospitality 

Tina Balch Swezey 
Lyne, NH 

Early Childhood Education 

A special thanks goes to my parents, grandpar- 
ents, and Tim. Without all of you I may have given 
up during the hard times. I love you all! Heather, 
thanks for all the letters!J,J,S&J: thanks for being 
the best siblings a girl could ask for! 
Meg,Paish,Sarah,&Tin:my best friends!Thanks for 
thee-mailsand phoneconversations!! could never 
have made it without all of you!To BPC girls 
thanks for the lasting memories LUV YOU ALL! 
P.S Stay away from the gangs! 


Amber Lynn Vaill 

Palmer, MA 
Liberal Studies/History 

Where has the time gone? Randy I love you 
thanks for putting up with me through this. 
I look forward to many years of this wonder- 
ful marriage. Mrs F & Dr. W thank you both 
for the support & I made it, I surpassed even 
my own expectations. I can't thank you 
enough. To all my friends, love you, keep in 
touch! Three years & it's over! BPC, I'll miss 

It takes strength to be courageous and cour- 
age to be strong. Mom 1 i ould not have gotten 
this tar with out you, I minu thanks for filling 
in Nana & Bompa you aiv the luckiest for 
living with me, Shane & Rob you art- like the 
brother I never had, Patrick & I auren thanks 
for all the tun and laughs C ourt no matter 
what I am always here for you! 

Kathleen R. Waseleski 
Millers Falls, M \ 
hildhood Education 


Tomoko Yamada 

Travel & Hospitality Management 

Candy Branco 

Wilbraham, MA 
/ egal Assistant 

Lori Brissette 

Chicopee, MA 
Occupational Therapy Assistant 


Elizabeth Downey 

Easthampton, MA 
Travel & Hospitality 

Melissa Fager 

Carver, MA 
Criminal Justu e 

Tammy Fahy 
Longmeadow, MA 

Occupational Therapy Assistant 

\1«ir\ .inn I ortiei 
\d,imv \l \ 
iminal Justice 


^*" '*■ 

r ''^ 

S 'i^H 






Sherry Howe 

Windsor Locks, CT 

Occupational Therapy Assistant 

Ashleigh Kida 

Chester, MA 

Occupational Therapy Assistant 

Heather Laveck 

Southwick, MA 

Early Childhood Education 

Madeline Ramos 

Springfield, MA 
Travel & Hospitality 


Jolie Rappaport 

Longmeadow, MA 
Occupational Therapy Assistant 

Jennifer Robidoux 
Westfield, \1A 

Occupational Therapy Assistant 

Marisol Rodriguez 

Springfield, MA 

Criminal Justice 

Sharon Ross 

Springfield, \1 \ 
upational Therapy 


Sandra Taylory 
Johnston, RI 


Alicia Trombley 

Monson, MA 
Travel & Hospitality 

Jessica Zukowski 

Enfield, CT 
Early Childhood Education 



Aurelia Andreoli 

Springfield, MA 
Liberal Arts 

Gina Maynard 

Agawam, MA 
Criminal Justice 

Debra Bond Jennifer Mont 

Westfield, MA Agawam, MA 

Occupational Therapy Assistant Occupational Therapy Assistant 

Jennifer Brewster 

West Suffield, CT 


Victoria Diaz 

Springfield, MA 

Lisa Graffam 

Suffield, CT 
Legal Assistant 

Rebecca Krajewski 

Holyoke, MA 
Occupational Therapy Assistant 

Denise Phillips 

Enfield, CT 

Occupational Therapy Assistant 

Carmen Rivera 

Springfield, MA 
Early Childhood Education 

Vanessa Robare 

Easthampton, MA 
Early Childhood Education 

Barbara Saladin 

Wethersfield, CT 

Occupational Therapy Assistant 

Heidi Steinmetz 

East Hartford, CT 

Dawn Stoddard 

Enfield, CT 

Business Administration 

Nadine Thomas 

Somerville, MA 


Bay Path College 

18 9 7-1997 
A Legacy of Leadership 

Dear 1 999 Graduates: 

As you leave the college this year, we are reminded of the diverse population which now 
makes up the Bay Path family of traditional American students, international students, and 
continuing education students. We have been challenged daily to embrace and employ the 
themes of leadership, communication, and technology. The Bay Path faculty are a unique 
group of student-centered professionals whose interests are as diverse as our disciplines. We 
hope that our own academic and personal achievements serve as examples for you. 

As a community of scholars and teachers, we are preparing for the new millennium by 
providing challenges for our students and for ourselves. We provide opportunities for 
creativity in the classroom and in life experiences to meet the changing landscape and the 
shifting needs of women's education at various developmental periods during their lives. 

We are ready to meet the needs of changing work and living environments and are enthused to 
provide opportunities for success in various venues of education whether it be in the 
classroom, through internships, or via the Internet. 

We are in our classrooms or offices ready to assist students academically whenever necessary. 
You will also see us as a supportive group serving as class or club advisors and participating 
with students at campus functions. 

It's exciting to be a college faculty member. It is especially exciting to be part of the Bay Path 
family. But, most importantly, we share the joy in learning as partners with our students. 

To the class of 1999, we hope you remember your lessons well, apply your principles with 
conviction, and fulfill the promise we have always seen in you. We wish you well. 


The Faculty 

588 Lonomkai-ow Si c.n.i ■ Longmeadow, Massachusetts 01 106 • Telephone (413) 565-1000 ■ 1"'ax (413) 565-1103 



Junior Faces 

Class of 







■f ',-* 

1 * W^t m m. jM* ■ ■■ ,,.„ .g , - Hi 




'•K ■ i 



■j .. 

.'■ • "... •' , - 

•vV- *• 

' ; ' 

':' ,. ■■ J WW JW 


\\ - 



> ■ . •■ 

T,..- * 

V. . 1 

W •>■ 

• Administration, 
Faculty & Staff 

The professional men and women who comprise the Ba\ Path 

faculty are committed to providing outstanding edu< ational oppor 

tunities for students, both in .uul out of the i lassroom. In keeping 

with the mission of the i ollege, students are < ftallenged to assume 

leadership roles in orgjni/ations and in academic projects/ to be 

able to communicate, and to learn the new technology thai will 

position them for the future. I a< ult) a< I as a< ademi< <ul\ isors, 

sponsor clubs, go on tield trips with students, supervise internships, 

attend athletic e\ ents and < one erts, thus | nod and < riti< a 

roles in the lives and overall development oi .ill students. 

Shirley \l C. [ohnson, Ph.D. Academic 

Marcia Conrad, Dean of S(vnj t .nt<. 



Eleanor Gay 

Assistant to the President 

Dr. Shirley Johnson 

Associate Vice President of Academic 

Caron Hobin 

Vice President of Planning and 
Student Development 

Marcia Conrad 

Dean of Students 

William Campanella 

Dean of Enrollment Services 

Rachel St. Onge-Boisseau 

Vice President for Finance and 
Administrative Services 

Barbara Campanella 

Dean of Communications and College 




Department Chairs 

Dr. William Macanka 

Chair - Liberal Studies Assoc Profes- 
sor Science/Math 

Attorney Joan Spadoni 

Chair - Legal Studies Professor 
Legal Studies 

Dr. Alvin Chai 

Chair-Information Technology 
Dept. Chair Info. Technology 

IV 1 

Dr. Joan Inzinga 

Chair - Business Assoc. Professor 

Dr. Carol Winters-Smith 

Chair-Psychology Assoc. Professor 


Dr. Karen Sladyk 
Chair - Occupational Therapy 

Dr. Victor Milani 

Chair - Criminal Justii e Professoi 
Criminal Justice S< iem e 

Estelle Leaviti 
Chair-l ducation Assist. Professor 

I illlt iltlOU 


I \ nda Bishop 
t. Chair OT,Dir 




Charles Bertolino 

Alexandra Burns 

Asst. Professor Interior 

Dr. David Dailey 

Information Technology 

Atty. Ann 

Assoc. Prof.Legal Studies 

Dr. Rebecca Fisher 

Assistant Professor 

Virginia Freed 

Dir. A.D.C. Asst. 

Teresa Kozloski 

Assoc. Prof. Business/ 
Computer Applications 

Dr. Cheryl Leary 

Assistant Professor 

Paul Norton 

Assoc. Prof. Theatre/ 

Marilyn Micka- 

Asst. Prof.OT 

'• /• • > a tin 

1 "■•.,,, -/••«..., i ./ 

Dr. Cathryn Riggs 

Assistant Professor 

Andrea Russo 

Assoc. Prof. Travel/ 

Bus iness/Compu ter 


Gina Semprebon 

Assistant Professor 

Brenda Smaga 

Assf. Prof. OT, OT 

Academic Fieldivork 


Dr. Robert Weir 

Associate Professor 



Asst. Prof. Psychology/ 

Foundations for College 

Academic Counselor 



Dir. Health Service 


Director of Campus 

James Gallo 

WS/Assistant Director 

Patricia Brunelle 

Administrative Asst. OT 

Janice Calcidise 

Admissions Office 

Edward Ciosek 

Director of Financial Aid 

Judith Cohen 

Direi tor oj Career 



Karen Costa Christine Dicola Carol Dunlop Sharon Feen 

Computer Coordinator Advancement Assistant Director of Continuing Administrative Support 



Allison Gearing 

Planning and Student 
Dev. Administrator 

Laurie Gelzinis 

Administrative Asst. 
to Registrar 

Joanne Guernsr\ Joan Haluch 

Direi tor of Publications ' magei 

and AdvertisingPlanning 

Jacqueline Johnson 

Director of Preschool 

Dr. John Lambdin 

Special Asst. fi 
Enrollment Sen-;. 
Instructor Psychol 

Barbara McMahon 





Dir. of Dev/Major Gifts 


Purchasing Admin. 

Jane Moriarty Nancy Murphy Maureen Naglieri 

Receptionist /Operator 

Admin Asst, to the Dean 
of Students 

Maintenance Office 

Joanne Ollson 

Human Resource 

Robyn Rawson 


Kimberly Rivard 


Sally Schirmer- 

Asst. Dean for Student 

Linda Simonds 

ITS Asst. Director 

Life/Act Dir. 

' Cjji^l 


' ■' W 


Susan Sliwa 

Admin. Asst. Academic 

Steven Smith 

Athletic Director 

Paul Stanton Linda Steinman 

Director of Facilities and Continuing Education 
Campus Service Asst. 

Nancy Stenberg 

Development Assistant 

Jonathan Tudryn 

At i umiltinl 

Gail Wilkinson 

Systems Specialist 




Business Office 

Standing: Left to Right: Karen Mihalchick, 

Mary Dolce. Sitting: Left to Right: Linda 

Bellame, Kimberly Savinelli, Jonathan Tudryn. 

In Absentia: Carey Mount 


Left to Right: Donna Bellefleur, Aroxy 

Meregian, Dot Poehler, Mattie Gromacki, Joyce 

Moriarty , Barbara Morton 


Standing: David Brodeur, Brian Metros. 
Sitting: Robert Hallohan, Joseph Cembura, Neil 
Magill. In Absentia: Neil Pocia, Ronald Moson, 
Stanley Bator, Thomas Dyjak, Darrell Cowlan, 

Robert King. 


Standing: Left to Right: Kathleen Staron, Jay 

Schaeffer, Linda Knaack. Sitting: Left to Right: 

Diane McDonald, Maureen Horak. 

Admissions Counselors 

Standing in Back: Stacey Sevivas, Dean 

William Campanella, Rebecca Beman Standing 

Front Caron Hobin, Robert Frederick, Dr. John 


Kitchen Staff 
Standing: Left to Right: Rosemary Mcarlhy, 

Meloih/ Hill, Ruth Warren. I re La than, Una 

Giranaudo, lung Chung. Mayra Rasado. 

Silting: I elt lo Right: Ruth Young, Nina 

Grundstrom, lledi Gregoire, Karen Tallus, 

Mark Rivard, Nina White. 

Part-Time Faculty 

At. John Ambenge 

vlarily Antonucci 

i4rs Kristina Bendikas 

)r. Carol Berger 

hr. Bernard Betrinelli 

)r. Gloria Biamonte 

■Is. Gloria Emma Black 

4s. Catherine Marchiset-Bloom 

At. Mitchell Charkiewicz 

Is. liana Ciaglo 

vtty. Bruce Clarkin 

)r. Terrence E. Covne 

^tty. Erica Cushna 

Is. MaryLouise DiGiacomo 

^tty. Charles E. Dolan 

>r. Maureen L. Egan 

Is. Patricia Egan 

'Is. Marsha Harbison 

Is. Deborah Hatzipetro 

Is. Lynne M. Hauser 

1s. Ann Hurlburt 

Mr. Thomas I [ursl 
Mr. Rober t Keough 
Mr. Kevin Kopacz 
Mr. Christopher I i 
Ms. Ellen Manning 
Ms. | )\ anne Mast ia-1 lanelius 
Ms. Charotte Meyei 
Mr. Charles I'. 
Ms. fudith Robinson 
Mr. John I. Rossini |r. 
Ms. Bah Samra 
Ms. i inda Smith 
Ms. Tina Stevens 
Mr Robert E. Surbrug 
Ms. Karen V Tallman 
Ms. Eileen Welch 
Mr. fames Wilkinson 
Attv. Gregory Williams 
Dr. James Williamson 
\tu. lohn Woodruff 

Ms Kathleen Wright 

Dr. Charles Zanor 

Ms |eanne Zobel I at hiusa 


- 4f *^; ■*-- 

- . 





■'.■>■'// ".»:■« ■ ■' 
.: . - ' • $ 

'■. ■'. •** j 

..^; ; : 


. : .y. 



T Organizations 


i-'iri'-. 5 " ** * 'if "> 

Bay Path College is comprised of many student clubs ( md organiza- 
tions. There are over 20 clubs and different organizations around 
campus that are open to all students. We at Bay Path; encourage all 
I students to join as many clubs and organizations as the\ wish bo- 
cause involvement enhances the educational experience here al Ba) 


g&2 Path. Due to the many international students, ol all rac es, ethnic it) . 

^ backgrounds and ages, diversity is ol a big importance to us 

By getting involved, students meet other students, which can 

provide opportunities to learn about ea< h other and share 

personal experien* es. 

Sharon I vc esai e 


■ ■ v ■ ■ * ■ "•;•-• 



Student Government Officers 

Standing- Left to Right: Courtney Whalen, 

Vice President; Sharon DeCesare, President; 

Rebecca Stebbins, Treasurer. Center: Arin 

Langan, Secretary. 

Student Government Association 

Standing- Left to Right: 4th Row: Advisor, 

Dean Sally Schirmer Smith, Sri Pangestuti, 

Kelly Emerson, Kathy Hoskins, Rebecca 

Stebbins, Courtney Whalen, Sharon 

DeCesare, Amy O'Brien, Meagan Dowde, 

Dana Hickman. 3rd Row: Bridget 

McMahan, Carol Sackey, Maureen DeLutrie, 

Kim Stanton, Brenna Hart, Brandy Lefer, Bea 

Piccolo. 2nd Row: Melissa Fager, Kerry 

Keenan, Amanda Cowin, Arin Langan, 

Christin Deremian, Amy Erickson, Nicole 

Cusumano, Daynese Ford, Jennifer Merritt, 

1st Row: Sophie Sabbag, Sara Pleva, Robin 

Clark, Karen Vigliano, Raquel Labrie, Lika 

Dvali, Yasmine Antione, Nadja Andrasev. 

Diversity Club 

Standing- Left to Right: Ruby Archer, Teresa 

Gibson, Petrina Johnson, Aryo Sonyoto, 

Sarah Pleva, Sarah Larson, Judith Chachoute, 

Shevon Moore, Fiona Shallow. Sitting- Left 

to Right: Jeannine Julien, Rebecca Stewart, 

Daynese Ford, Yasmine Antione, Jesenia 

Collado, Makebah Kelly. 


Golden Z 

Standing- Left to Right: Nancy Guerrera, Sai 
Haridoss, Lisa Twarog, Moriah Metras, 
Aimee Dupuis, Melissa Sokolik, Cheryl 
Lloveras, Aryo Sunyoto, Risdevvi Sutrisno, 
Helen Au, Joanne Tan, Advisor, Dean Sally 
Schirmer-Smith. 2nd Row: Soen Chhouk, 
Sarah Goddard, Nellie Lozano, Karen 
Vigliano, Lika Dvali, Heidi Ziobro, Tami 
Kelcey, Diane Kahaniuk. 1st Row: Sarah 
Pleva, Sarah Larson, Rebecca Noujaim, Nicki 


SADD/Students Against 

Destructive Decisions 

Standing- Left to Right: Taunya ( Ira) , Ann 
Mahon, Tina Balch-Swezey, Courtnev 
Greening, Kate Waseleski, Sophie Sabbag, 
Amy Niedzwiedz, Marni Wernick, Jes^u a 
Phalin. Seated- Left to Right: Karen 
Vilgiano, Kim Stanton, Amy Stanton. 

Phi Beta Lambda 

Standing- Left to Right: Advisor, Dr Dan 
Miller, Sandra l.n lor, ( hristine 1 ord, Raquel 
l . i ! m i. Seated I eft to Righl Kerri Boisvert, 
I eslie [untunen. Rebe< < .1 Stebbins. 


Continuing Education 
Advisory Board 

Standing - Lett to Right: Linda Steinman, 

Carol Dunlop. Seated- Left to Right: Sandra 

McCarroll, Diane Fecinta, Maria Savio. 

SOTA/Student Occupa- r 
tional Therapy Association 

Standing - Left to Right: Maria Savio, Emilie 

Pasagno, Jessica Dean, Kerry Hutchinson, 

Nicole Cusumano, Kristen Balkan, Sarah 

Larson, Robin Clark, Marni Wernick. Seated- 

Left to Right: Amy Jeglinski, Historian; 

Kristin Tierney, Treasurer; Stephanie Silva, 

Secretary; Katie Goyette, Vice President. 

Early Childhood 

Standing - Left to Right: 3rd Row: Pauline 

Gladstone, Corine Sinclair, Moriah Metras, 

Lisa Barber, Liz Gray. 2nd Row: Tawnya 

Gray, Xellie Lozano, Marni Wernick. 1st 

Row: Aimee Dupuis, Advisor, Mrs. Estelle 

Leavitt, Kim Stanton. 





Standing- Left to Right: Jessica Montemagni, 
Amy Jeglinski, Mie Ogawa, Nadja Andrasev, 
Sharon DeCesare, Rebecca Stebbins, Jessenia 
Collado, Rebecca Stewart. Seated- Left to 
Right: Raquel Labrie, President Dr. Carol 
Leary, Lika Dvali. 

Student Ambassadors 

Standing - Left to Right: 2nd Row : Advisor, 
Stacey Sevivas, Sharon De( esare, Mie 
Ogawa, Sri Pangestuti, Vngelique Oulette, 
Maureen Delutrie, I isa Reveruzzi, Courtnej 
Whalen, Shannon C oolej , Kell) I merson, 
Shawna lackson, \pnl IVU-rs. 1st Row- I efl 
to Right: Arm Langan, Crystal Small, 
Catherine Marcenkowski, Karen \ igliano, 
Lika Dvali, Kaquel I abrie, Yasmine Anlmnr. 
Kerry Keenan, Kim Stanton, Mar) forzo. 


Standing I efl to Right: Dujlada Sukontasap, 
c olleen Donovan, [essica Osowski, Nadja 
\ ( \ . \imtr Bissonnette, Kiernan ( one, 
Rebecca Stewart. 



Standing- Left to Right: Colleen Donovan, 

Sarah Larson, Makebah Kelly, Joanne Tan, 

\ uri Tanaka, Amanda Cowin, Yasmine 

Antoine, Maria Medina, Raindrop 

Sukontasap, Leslie Juntunen, Nicole 

krajewski, Jenny Collado, Vanessa Robare. 

Sitting-Lett to Right: Aimee Bissonnette, 

Sarah Good, Nadja Andrasev, Jessica 

Osowski, Rebecca Stebbins, Kiernan Cone. 

Travel Club 

Standing- Left to Right: Mie Ogawa, Rebecca 
Stebbins, Kumiko Kakinuma, Rebecca 
Noujaim, Nancy Guerrera, Grethel Hoozky, 
Courtney Greening, Bridget McMahon, 
Nicole Jimenez, Mayumi Shibata. Sitting- 
Left to Right: Advisor Ms. Andrea Russo, 
Maria Savio, Sarah Good, Jennifer Merritt, 

Helen Au 

■ML . 

ilfflfr- - - 

sns& # 

Psychology Club 

Standing- Left to Right: Advisor Dr. Carol 

Winters-Smith, Elizabeth Cypres, Stacey 

Evans, Kimberly Stanton, Emily Pessagno, 

Tricia Huston, Jennifer Kratovil. 



Computer Club 

Standing- Left to Right: Advisor Dr. Joan 
Inzinga, Nicole Yang, Aimee Racine, Avu 
Novieto Sunyoto. Sitting- Left to Right: Sri 
Pangestuti, Advisor Jim Gallo, Rebecca 

3fr> Bay Path Dancers 

3rd Row- Left to Right: Aimer Bissonnette, 
Ruby Archer, Melissa Dupont. 2nd Row- 
Left to Right: Nicole Krajewski, Gret< hen 

Charlette, I leidi Butler. Kt Row- I ett to 
Right: Meagc n I ludak, lessica I'halin, 
Chi/uru Inone. 

g2 Athletic Council 

Jrd Row- I fit to Right fodi Burns, Meb'ssa 
Palmer, Rebe i .1 Stebbins, Kristen ( iondek, 
( rystal Pare 2nd Row- I efl to Right \n 
drea l ontaine I y nn Man.- I illotson, 
1 ourtnej Whalen, Stephanie Kilian. Isl 
Row Left to Righl Vmanda Gosselin, 
Melissa Knon lessica Montemagni. 


N ature Connection 

Standing- Left to Right: Advisor Ms. Gina 

Semprebon, Kristin Gartner, Kelly Emerson, 

Karen Pollack, Melissa Hamilton, Michelle 

Beucler, Advisor Dr. John Lambdin. 

Astronomy Club 

Standing- Left to Right: Sarah Goddard, 

Kristin Gondek, Advisor Ms. Gina Semprebon, 

Advisor Ms. Gail Wilkinson, Amanda Cowin, 

Sharon DeCesare. 

Women of Culture 

3rd Row- Left to Right: Natasha Ali, Tameika 

Hill, Carina Reed, MieOgawa. 2nd Row- Left 

to Right: Sophie Sabbag, Mayumi Shibata, 

Soen Chhouk, Elitsa Gogova, Ritha 

Simanjuntak, Susandra Pasaribu, Helen Au. 

I st Row- Left to Right: Advisor Dr. Cheryl 

ry, Raquel Labrie, Lika Dvali, Deborah 

Wallace, Advisor Mr. Christopher Leary. 



Senior Class Committee 

Standing- Left to Right: Advisor Dr. Cheryl 
Leary, Maureen Delutrie, Kristy LaClair. 

Junior Class Committee 

Standing- Left to Right: Lika Dvali, Amanda 

Gosselin. Sitting- Left to Right: ,-\d\ isor I )r. 
Joan Inzinga, Melissa Knorx. 

Sophomore Class 

Standing- 1 eft to Right: Karen \ igliano, Kate 

•urtne) ( Ireening, \d\ isor Ms 
Gina Semprebon, \m\ Stanton, Bridget 
\K Mahon 


Theinert Hall RA's 

Standing- Lett to Right: Mie Ogawa, 
Davnese Ford, Beatrice Piccolo 

Wrigh t Hall RA's & RD 

Standing- Left to Right: Kristy LaClair, 

Nicole Cusumano, Robin Clark, Yasmine 

Antoine. Sitting- Left to Right: Sri 

Pangestuti, RD Sonja Pella, Amy Erickson. 

Bollum Hall RA's & RD's S 

Standing- Left to Right: RD Mr. Dale Lucy- 
Allen, RD Mrs. Andrea Lucy- Allen. Sitting- 
Left to Right: Brenna Hart, Melissa Fager, 

Kerry Keenan. 




V ' - J» • 


. • . . - ■ - 


*.. • - v * 

■- . \ 

The reestablishment of athletics at the college in \ L ) L )2 and the 
recent acceptance as a provisional member of the NCAA, 
Division III will help strengthen Bay Path into the next cen- 
tury. During the past year significant growth has happened. 
The three varsity sports include: soccer, basketball and soft- 
ball and the teams are known as the "Wildcats". I Ins past 
year new coaches were hired to coach the volleyball and 
cross-countrv teams. Bay Path enjoyed a very successful 
session. Club sports also had an exciting season in whi< h 20 
new student-athletes emerged from the student bod) topla) 
on the teams. Their experienc e a\k\ dedii ation will help build 
a stronger foundation for the coming years, fhe new athletic 
fields on Farmlea \\o^d were < ompleted and both sen <, er and 
Softball teams have the best fields in \e\\ I'ngland. I>a\ Path 

College is also a charter member oi the North Atlantic 
Women's Conference and competes with teams for i hai 
onships in soccer basket ball, softball and cross-counl 

Steven Smith 

Athletic Direi tor 

1998 Wildcats' Sporh 

The Bay Path College 
w omens' softball team fin- 
ished the season with a 
record of 6-10. The VVild- 
cats were again coached bv 
Ste\'en J. Smith and assisted 
by Todd Ditmar and Carol 
D'Antuono. Tri-captains 
Kristv "Zin^er" LaClairand 
Erika Monroe, juniors, and 
Melissa Palmer, sopho- 
more, brought experience 
and leadership to the team. 

The team also included 
many new members who 
along with the returning 
players made up one of the 
most talented teams in re- 
cent years. Bay Path Col- 
lege also participated in two 
tournaments. The Bay Path 
College Invitational, where 
the team finished fourth, 
and the North Atlantic 
Womens Conference Cham- 
pionships, with the team's 

second place finish, were 
great experiences for the 

With many players return- 
ing for the 1999 season, the 
team has dedicated them- 
selves to working hard to 
make it a success. This past 
year, team honors went to 
the following players: Mel- 
issa Palmer, MVP; and Amy 
Erickson, MIP. 


\ ront Row: April Peters, Tricia 

Shepard, Colleeen Rowzee, Heather 

S/tdiga, Megan Connors Back Row: 

Coach Steven J. Smith, Kristen Gondek, 

Sharon DeCesare, Maureen Ranger, 

Ericka Monroe, Kristy "Zinger" 

LaClair, Melissa Palmer, Amy 

Erickson, Aurelia Andreoli 

Missing: Nicole Cusumano, Kansolina 

Nicholson, Theresa Mitchell Assistant 

Coachf-s/Fodd Ditmarand Carol 





£ occur 

1998 Wildcats' Sports 

Bay Path College enjoyed its 
best season ever. It set a record 
for most wins in a season and 
also captured its first ever 
North Atlantic Womens Con- 
ference soccer championship. 
The team finished the season 
with a record of 6-10-1. The 
Wildcats were coached by 
Todd Ditmar and assisted by 
Carrie Schlosser. Co-captains 
Kristy "Zinger" LaClair, se- 
nior, and Jessica Montemagni, 
junior, brought experience 

and leadership to the team. 
The team was also led by a 
number of talented and vet- 
eran players including: Crys- 
tal Pare, Melissa Palmer, Jamie 
Martell, and Heather Szteliga. 
Newcomers Kristen Gondek, 
Andrea Fontaine, Amy 
Stanton, Monica Calienni, 
Kelly Trompke, Sarah Bell, Sh- 
annon McLaughlin, Stephanie 
Kilian, and Jody Burns were 
key additions to the champi- 
ons. Jessica Montemagni, 

Crystal Pare, and Kristen 
Gondek were named to the 
All Tournament Team and 
Montemagni garnered the 
MVP Trophy. Coach Ditmar 
remarked, "The returning 
players and new faces this year 
made up the most talented 
team the college has ever 
fielded." Crystal Pare and 
Kristen Gondek also received 
the highest award given by 
the team - the Bay Path Col- 
lege Soccer Award. 

■ • ■ i *»4L* 


I mut Row: [amie Martell, Shannon 
Mel aughlinjodi Burns, 1 leatherSzteliga, 
Sarah I teini Bach Row 

h Todd Ditmar, 


Missing: StephaincKili in 

• elleher 


1998 Wildcats' Sports 

The Wildcats of Bay Path 
kicked off it fourth season 
of action with a third place 
finish at the Lasell College 
Basketball Tournament. The 
team returned four starters 
from last year's team includ- 
ing: Co-captains, Kristy 
"Zinger" LaClair and Mel- 
issa Palmer; Jamie Martell, 
and Sarah Palanjian. Amy 
Erickson, Heather Hite, 
Awura Abernethy, Monika 

Johar, and Valerie Milani 
were new additions to the 
'99 team. The Wildcats fin- 
ished the season with a 9-13 



MPT 9 

",_J* * " J 

i VHaHi ■ 




Front Row: Jamie Martell, Awura 

Abernethy, Kristy "Zinger" LaClair, 

Monika Johar, Assistant Coach Dale 

Lucy-Allen Back Row: Sarah 

Palanjian, Amy Erickson, Melissa 

Palmer, Coach Steven J. Smith, Heather 

Hite, Valerie Milan) 



£ ports Z>ay 

Women & Girl's Annual Event 

The Athletic Council of Bay 
Path College held its third 
annual Women and Girl's 
Sports Day on September 
24th, 1998. The featured 
speaker for this year's pro- 
gram was Jennifer Rizzotti 
of the New England Bliz- 
zard. Ms. Rizzotti spoke on 
the influence of athletics on 
her life, both on the court 
and off. She inspired and 
encouraged many young to 

not settle for anything less 
than success. Attending the 
event were 150 guests, in- 
cluding over 30 girls from 
Alice B. Beal and Alcorn El- 
ementary schools. The Ath- 
letic Council members again 
arranged activities for the 
girls in such sports as bas- 
ketball, aerobics, volleyball, 
and softball. 


(sn&& Country 

Club Sport - Inaugural Season 

This war another new ath- 
letic team was brought to- 
gether, the first ever 
women's Cross-Country 
team. The team was made 
up of seven dedicated 
women who wanted to com- 
pete intercollegiately. First 
year coach, Jean Maziarz, 
led the Wildcats through 
three meets this season. 
With the motto, "Let's have 
fun," the Cross-Country 

team completed a highly 
successful season. Led by 
co-captains, Brenda 

Peterson and Nadine Tho- 
mas, the team had many 
personal records estab- 
lished. The team finished the 
season by competing in the 
North Atlantic Women's 
Conference Championships 

Tricia Huston finished in the 
top ten at the meet. Coach 
Maziarz noted that the team 
is losing two seniors and will 
return a strong core of expe- 
rienced runners. She also is 
looking forward to next 
year's new students to help 
elevate and strengthen the 


Front Row: Brenda Peterson, Nadine 

Thomas, Laurie Landry, Noriko 

Hasimoto, Esther Wallace, Donna 

Siegert, Tricia 1 luston 


Club Sport - Inaugural Season 

Nineteen ninety eight brought 
together the first ever women's 
volleyball team to Bay Path 
College. The squad consisted 
of twelve women who wanted 
to compete intercollegiately. 
Firstyear coach, Andrea Daley, 
led the Wildcats through the 
season which consisted of five 
matches. Their opponents in- 
cluded teams such as Land- 
mark, Lasell,Mt. Ida,DeanCol- 
lege, and Newbury College. 

The team played as a club pro- 
gram and hopes to elevate its 
status to varsity for the 2000- 
2001 academic year. Having a 
mix of experienced players and 
newcomers, the team played 
hard and had a great time. They 
are looking forward to the years 
ahead as the program contin- 
ues to grow. Coach Daley com- 
mented that, "It was a success 
and everyone looks forward to 
doing it again next year." 







Front Row: Robin Clark, Jennifer 
Merritt, Karen \ 

Marni Wemid Bai k l<m\ I ., h 
Andrea Daley, Yasmine Ante 

Krajewski, Isal 





The 1998-1999 academic year was filled with many tun- 


filled activities! The year began with the annual Campus 

fc£*g J ° r 

Wake Up at 5:30 am. On Tuesday September I st, whk h 
included over sixty students, President and Mr. I earv 
w many faculty and staff members. Many traditional events 
were held at Bay Path this year including ( ampus I >a) s, 
Big Sister/Little Sister Dinner, Father I >aughter Banquet, 
£ Family and Friends and homecoming Weekend, theatre 
production, Service oi I ightsC oncert. I he students en 
joyed a Halloween Dance and a formal Winter Gala in 
December. The Masuda C ullural 1 uric hmenl I und rrips 
included, "Beauty ^\nd the Beast/' the ( laude Monel I 
hibit in Boston, and ( apitals ol 1 he World rour to Paris 

l ranee. 

Sail) s ^ hirmer-Smith 

Asst. Dean for Studenl I ife and A< tivities 


•>j3w — 

« - - 


in- . ^ 

^4f JM 

; ' VI 


Leadership Training 


Bay Path's 1998 session of Leadership Training was a huge success. We started out 
with the largest group of new and old leaders that Bay Path has ever seen. In the 
beginning we were anxious and unsure of our abilities to conquer the challenges 
that lay before us. However, as the training progressed we accomplished each goal 
with strength and determination, not to mention a new found confidence that we 
never knew we had . As the week came to an end we were tired, but we never failed 
to persevere throughout Camp Webber. We faced our fears and found success not 
in completing the tasks, but in working together. All those in attendance not only 
learned new leadership skills, but also how to form friendships and bonds that can 
never be broken. 

Kathy Hoskins 

■if ■■•*8 i -iii 

,. » -/**.-> • 

4 * && lUM 

H — ■.* j 



Freshmen Faces 

Class of 





Opening Day 






Big Sister ~ Little Sister 



Campus Day 


Father ~ Daughter Banquet 


Saturday September 26th was the annual Fa- 
ther/Daughter Banguet. However, there were 
other such guests including brothers, uncles, 
husbands, faculty, President Carol Leary and 
Mr. Noel Leary. It was a joyful event which 
included a candle-lit dinner and dancing. The 
Father/ Daughter Banquet is a tradition for the 
Sophomores and Seniors at Bay Path College 
which has been cherished for many years, and 
hopefully this tradition will continue to be cher- 
ished and enjoyed for many more. A special 
thanks is given to all the Bay Path Men for 
escorting the young women whose fathers were 
unable to attend. This night was not only a fun 
college event, but also a tribute to all of the 
significant male role models in our lives. 

Casey Breen 



Family & Friends 



This years fourth annual Family and Friends 
weekend, took us back to the 80's. The time of big 
hair, Don Johnson and Madonna. During this 
night our families and friends all gathered for a 
nice dinner, an auction and we danced the night 
away to the music of the 80's. Throughout the 
night we were able to take a trip down memory 
lane and relive our 80's memories with quizzes, 
"guest appearances," music, the scent of Agua 
Net hair spray and blue eyeshadow. As the 
evening faded we left the 80's in the past, but the 
music and memories will forever be in our hearts. 

Arin Langan 

-v, 4 fc \ii 


Innovations for 
the Future! 

Bay Path College celebrated the generosity of three different donors during 
its Homecoming on October 24, 1998. The morning program began with the 
dedication of the Carr Hall elevator vestibule. Rita Mclnnis-Graham, a 1 942 
graduate of Bay Path Institute, provided funds for the remodeled entrance 
and vestibule which makes all three floors of the building accessible to 
students and visitors. The second dedication was of the new biology 
laboratory, funding for which was provided by Allen R. Goulet, a devoted 
member of the Board of Trustees since 1986. Mr. Goulet and his wife, Trudy, 
have been ardent supporters of the college since their Daughter, Yvette, 
Class of 1984, was a student at Bay Path. The biology faculty were present 
to showcase the computer software available to students in the new- 
laboratory. The afternoon Activities began with the dedication of the new 
Strople Jogging /Walking Path. The warm bright day saw a large group of 
faculty, staff, alumni parents and friends of the college, gathered for the 
ribbon-cutting ceremony. Angie Strople McGinnis, Raymond Strople and 
Peter Strople, who funded the path were present to dedicate this gift to their 
parents, Raymond and Julia Strople, long time owners of the Farmlea Road 
property that had recently become Bay Path's new athletic playing fields. 
This ribbon cutting took place as the cross country team began the ceremo- 
nial run of the path round the fields. 

Shirley M. C. Johnson, Ph.D. 
Academic Dean 

MAM i 

8^ a 

am ■■ 

\9M pp^ 

i ■ 





^^^ /^ 

A " J >v ^^ 

^1 #k 

1 ; 

m ° 





Fall Play 

New Rhythm Boys: Ramon Gonzalez, Mark Mickey, 

Peter Delia Luna 

Captain Billy Buck Chandler: Craig Duda 

Sikki: Dan Derby 

Prawn: Aimee Bissonnette 

Flounder: Melissa Dupont 

Sturgeon: Ruby Archer 

Minnow: Sue Choronzy 

Kipper: Yuri Tanaka 

inchovie: Kerri Boisvert 

Uythe Herbert: Kiernan Cone 

Conductor: John Chartier 

Reporter: Lisa Twarog 

hverand JD. Montgomery: John Woytowicz 

vster Magix: Aimee Bissonnette 

'iovie Patrons: John Chartier, Maria Savio 

loorman: Tim Kucab 

Vfrs. O'Malley: Maria Medina 

ichmed: John Woytowicz 


ladja Andrasev, Keli Chapman, John Chartier, Peter 
3ella-Luna, Ramon Gonzalez, Noriko Hashimoto, 
Fim Kucab, Mark Mickey, Maria Medina, Jessica 
■owski, Maria Savio, Rebecca Stewart, Lisa Twarog. 

My One (\r 


Holiday Celebrations 

A Joyous Season 
for Celebrations 

The 1 998 holiday season was filled with many celebrations in the traditional fashion at Bay 
Path College. The food services staff prepared two special meals for Christmas and Kwanza. 
They not only provided us with delicious food, but also they exposed us to the holidaysof 
d ifferentcultures. When Hanukkah began, Menorah lights were liteach night. Thehighlights 
of the season at Bay Path were a Cand lelight Service and the Winter Gala. The Bay Path 
Chamber singers produced a wonderful show. The Winter Gala was held on December 
eleventh, everyone enjoyed thegood musicand dancing which lasted late into thenight. As 
the membersof the Bay Path community wearea very diverse group; however the holiday 
celebrations were very successfulaseveryonewasabletoenjoy not only ourown traditions, 
butthose of others aswell. 

Sabrina Metivier 





Spring Play 

Bye Bye Birdie 



Albert Peterson: John Woytowicz 

Rose Alvarez: Melissa Dupont 

Ursula Merkle: Sarah Good 

Kim Macafee: KiernanCone 

Mrs. Doris MacAfce: Aimee Bissonnette 

Mr. Harry MacAfee: Mark Mickey 

Conrad Birdie: Mike Tesini 

Hugo Peabody: Tim Kucab 

Mayor Maude: James Wolfe 

Mayor's Wife: Maria Savio 

Mrs. Merkle: Rebecca Stewart 

Randolph MacAfee: Sean McLaughlin 

Gloria Rasputin: Maria Medina 

Mr. Johnson: Ramon Gonzalez 

Alice: Nadja Andrasev 

Harvey Johnson: Alan Mickey 

Deborah Sue: Nicki Krajewski 

Adult Chorus: Aimee Dupuis, Ramon Gonzalez, Shannon 
McLaughlin, Maria Medina, Maria Savio, 
Karen Senk, Rebecca Stewart, James Wolf. 
Nadja Andrasev, Ruby Archer, Scott Belisle, 
Sue Choronzy, Daynese Ford, Sarah Good, 
Nicki Krajewski, Patrick Magowan, Alan 


Rose: Aimee Bissonnette 
Doris, Mae: Maria Medina 














This page is set aside for your special memories of 1999. In the years to 
come, you will be able to look back on some of the most precious memo- 
ries you've shared with your friends. 


Favorite Saying 



Special Someone 


Pet Peeve 

Most Interesting Situation 

Clubs & Activities 
Graduation Day 


Future Goals 

Remember When 




I came to this place 

with plans that were unknown. 

I thrived to do well 

and today it has shown. 

A seed at first 

just waiting to be, 

That impossible dream 

that has been given to me. 

I leave my path 

full of hopes and pride. 

My mentor, my friends 

and you my guide. 

With great memories of friend? 

that will stay forever. 

That gave you new hope 

And to never say never. 

Good byes are not needed 

for our life 's just begun. 

A new door is now open 

and success we have won! 

Alison Welcome 

Bay Path College Sophomore 

Class of 2001 




Heather Ackerman- 29 
Wendy Allen- 12 
Aimee Bissonnette- 12 
Tracy Blauvert- 32 
Carrie Brennerman- 29 
Marie Burnell-Obregon- 32 
Evelyn Carbone- 30 
Kristen Castner- 1 3 
Mary Ciejek- 30 
Jenny Collado- 13 
Sharon DeCesare- 14 
Daniela DeFillippis- 14 
Kouren Delgado- 32 
Maureen Delutrie- 1 5 
Jetaun Dewey- 30 
Deana DiRico-15 
Jelena Djordjevic- 16 
Jennifer Duncan- 32 
Kelly Emerson- 16 
Bonnie Enright- 12 
Sarah Alice Good- 17 
Sarah Grabiec- 32 
Rene Grega- 1 8 
Mary Hanson- 32 
Noriko Hashimoto- 1 8 
Tricia Huston- 19 
Kerry Keenan- 19 
Aimee Joy Martin- 20 
Terri Mather- 32 
Amy Mathieu- 20 
Laura Mead- 31 
Jessica Melendez- 21 
Naomi Mills- 32 
Erika L. Monroe- 22 
Melanie Jane Morrison- 22 
Mie Ogawa- 23 
Angelique Ouellette- 31 
Karen Owens- 3 1 
Anne Pagacz- 23 
Sri Pangestuti- 24 
Beatrice J. Piccolo-24 
Jennifer Plyler- 25 
Maureen Ranger- 32 
Melissa Regini- 32 
Daisy Rivera- 25 
Cheryl Rodzen- 32 
Laura Ronghi- 3 1 
Laurie Rosner- 32 
Amy Smith- 32 

Kimberly Stanton- 26 
Rebecca Lee Stebbins- 26 
Rebecca J. Stewart- 27 
Risdewi Sutrisno- 27 
Yuri Tanaka- 32 
Soumaly Thammavong- 32 
Jeannemarie Tobin- 32 
Jennifer Tyson- 32 
Theresa M. Verdile- 28 
Erica Lauren Wall- 28 
Melissa White- 29d 
Natalie Widener- 32 


Jennifer Ackley- 42 
Aurelia Andreoli- 59 
Tina Balch-Swezey- 52 
Michelle Beucler- 42 
Debra Bonci- 59 
Candy Branco- 54 
Jennifer Brewster- 59 
Lori Brissette- 54 
Judith Chachoute- 43 
Amanda Cowin- 43 
Victoria Diaz- 59 
Elizabeth Downey- 55 
Melissa Fager- 55 
Tammy Fahy- 55 
Maryanne Fortier- 55 
Christine Foerster- 44 
Lisa Graffam- 59 
Courtney Ann Greening- 44 
Brenna Hart- 45 
Sherry Howe- 56 
Shauna Jackson- 45 
Leslie P. Juntunen- 46 
Danielle Nichole Karolczuk- 46 
Heidi Keith- 47 
Ashleigh Kida- 56 
Yuko Komiyama- 47 
Rebecca Krajewski- 59 
Ronelle G. Labelle- 48 
Heather Laveck- 56 
Amy Nichole Mahan- 48 
Keisha Matieriene- 49 
Gina Maynard- 59 
Bridget McMahon- 49 
Maria D. Medina- 50 

Jennifer Mont- 59 
Alexandra Mora- 50 
Susandra Pasaribu- 5 1 
Denise Phillips- 59 
Joanne Quinn- 51 
Madeline Ramos- 56 
Jolie Rappaport- 57 
Carmen Rivera- 59 
Vanessa Robare- 59 
Jennifer Robidoux-57 
Marisol Rodriquez- 57 
Sharon Ross- 57 
Barbara Saladin- 59 
Mayumi Shibata- 52 
Heidi Steinmetz- 59 
Dawn Stoddard- 59 
Sandra Taylor- 58 
Nadine Thomas- 59 
Alicia Trombley- 58 
Amber Lynn Vaill- 53 
Kathleen R. Waseleski- 
Tomoko Yamada- 54 
Jessica Zukowski- 58 





'-7' .A 





*t - 







I ■ 


' ~# » iu- 



% «* 



7 ' 

■ I I H I